Our Vision

To be the pioneer in serving patients at HOMSPITAL with the latest technology and skilled health care provider

Our Mission

Our mission is to maintain and improve the life of the community and for the people of the United Arab Emirates with skilled health care professionals.

Our Goals

With a newly innovative Homspital Services that will allow us to treat you and your loved ones at the comfort of your home through the help of our skilled nurses bringing Hospital experience at your home. Our goal is to eliminate the rate of infection and increase well-being and risk-free treatment.

Our Services

Wound Care

OUR TRAINED STAFF WILL PROVIDE QUALITY WOUND CARE AT HOME. Include assessment, monitoring, and management of surgical wounds, medication, pain management Home Wound dressing   Diabetic Foot care   Care of Bedsore   Surgical wound dressing   Prevention Of Infection   Management of burns

Fracture and Post-operative Care

Fracture and Post-operative Care Monitor Vital signs Post-operative pain management IV Medication Early mobilization Wound care Prevention of infection Deep breathing and coughing exercises Range of motion exercises Teaching the use of assistive device Fall risk assessment and care

Critical Home Medical services

Our Nurses are well trained to manage all the critical cases. Monitor Vital Signs Pain  assessment and Management Care of personal hygiene Medication Administration Tracheostomy care Care, Insertion, Maintence or Removal of urine Catheter Assisting with Tube Feeding Diabetic Care Perform Fluid Aspiration and Suction Oxygen therapy Ventilator Care Post-operative wound care Management of pressure sore Total parental nutrition Pre,Post Seizure Management IV therapy management care

Maternity Care

We support you in the comfort of your home with personalized care and improvement in parenting Monitor Vital Signs Emotional And psychological Support Nutritional Assessment Antenatal and postnatal Exercise Assisting with Immunization Follow-up with Checkups Health Education Antenatal and Postnatal care and counselling Relaxation techniques

Newborn and Children Care Services

Our experienced professionals aim to provide highest standard of care and advice parents with regards to baby care. Assistance with Breast feeding Techniques Assisting with daily activities Medication Administration Oral hygiene and skin care Umbilical cord care Weaning and Child nutrition Assessment Infant Sleeping Training Assistance for Immunization Monitor Vital Signs Newborn care Baby Bathing and Massaging Developmental assessment from birth to preschool Incontinence care Enteral/ Tube feeding Assisting with [...]

Elderly Care Services

OUR QUALIFIED STAFF ARE ALWAYS READY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVE ONES Vitals Monitoring Palliative Care Care for Chronic Disease Dementia Care Care for Physical Disability Guidance And counseling Stoma Care Wound care Respiratory Care Cardiac Care Urinary Catheter Care Tracheostomy care Assisting With feeding Mobilization Medication Administration Assisting in Daily Activities Post-hospital Care Diabetic Care Diet and Nutrition Pain Management Fall risk Assessment

Why Cornerstone

In this land of opportunities, people are too busy to take care of their loved ones when they are in need of attention. We understand how important your loved ones are and so we try to make sure they are well taken care of by providing the best of care possible. We provide home care for all those in need from pregnant ones to the one who needs medical attention